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Astra's Next Evolution is Firefly!

Providing Easy Upgrades from Astra Campground Manager to Firefly Reservations

Why are we upgrading Astra to Firefly?

Rest Assured, Astra Support Is Not Going Away!

It's What Astra Customers Have Been Asking For

For several years, the primary feedback we have received from parks like yours is that you'd like Astra to be simpler to use, easier to train staff on, and less prone to user-error. The new Firefly software is our answer after listening to valuable parks and campgrounds about what they want and need to move park reservations into the future.

Firefly's Newer Technology And Security

Firefly's goal is to maintain all of the best parts of Astra but in a newer, more user-friendly format. Upgrading to newer technology provides you next generation security and increased platform reliability to better serve you. We're focused on new feature development and partnerships on Firefly software moving forward.

Dedicating Resources Creates A Powerful Go-Forward Platform For All

In order to focus on continuing to improve the solution you need for the future, we are reallocating our technical and support development resources to the Firefly platform this year.

Support Being Combined Into 1 Amazing Team For You

Rest assured, support for Astra is not ending, but it will be slightly paired back next year as our team helps customers upgrade to Firefly. The Astra Support team you've come to know and love will continue to support parks on Firefly in addition to an expert team on Firefly. As you move to Firefly, so will our support team.

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We've Made Upgrading from Astra to Firefly Easy!

We've created an upgrade process that is fast and easy, and we'll transfer your data quickly and simply. You'll be provided with a dedicated success team member to help you make the switch.

 The Firefly team trains you and your staff 1-on-1 to use Firefly, making everyone an expert in managing your park's online reservation needs.

  A powerful automation tool will seamlessly transfer your park's data from Astra into Firefly.

 Our team has been uniquely trained to fully support your park and staff to ensure you a path with confidence to Firefly, helping every step of the way.

 Once you decide to upgrade, your park can be transferred for you to begin, to then be up and running on Firefly within days.

 You'll keep a level of access to see your transaction history and data in Astra, and our team can provide you reports of your Astra data after you're switched over to Firefly.

 Our team understands the unique challenges that you face with maxed out staff and busy seasons. That's why we've given you access to a scheduler and the availability to meet 1-on-1 when it's best for you.

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We're Dedicated To Helping You!

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